Hi everyone

To explain my page...

It is fulled with information that i have found, that i feel should be heard, hense the reason for me making a blog!

I've also included some information about myself and i will be sharing with you some of my topics of discussion just so that you know where i am coming from.

I have created this blog to tell people about things that i feel should be shared...I'm trying to spread the word!

Let's be informed,to inform.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm back...:)

So firstly let me tell you where I’ve been…

I got blocked, yup…some punk thought it was a good idea to complain about my blog and then blocked it was…

Now I’m back up and running and have a huge confession to make…

I went vegetarian for a few months!!! Yes me….

I feel like a huge hypocrite but I was craving milk products like there was no tomorrow, so I just sucked up my pride and ate it…did I feel bad – YES…100% YES.

Then all of a sudden…I started to have less energy, I started to feel tired and I never slept well, even though I was tired. I picked up soo much weight and I just felt terrible.

I went to an acupuncturist cause I just didn’t feel balanced anymore and you have no clue what he told me…a DR told me to go back to being Vegan cause it healthier for me!!! Can you believe it, out of all people, a person with a doctorate in medicine gave me the – “You should go back to being Vegan speech” … apparently he thinks I might be slightly lactose intolerant…so here I am back in the vegan section of life starting it all up today…

I’ve cleaned out my pantry and fridge of all dairy – ( I wasn’t eating eggs, so there was none of that in my cupboards ) and I’m going grocery shopping today.

You know I kept on saying how important it was to be vegan…my stance on animal activism and being an environmentalist stayed it was just my tummy that screamed for cheese, yogurt, ice cream and cakes…thanks to my tummy, I’m back to being unhealthy and sicky…plus the guilt really gets to you.

Any who…just thought I’d drop a note to say hi and to keep you all posted on whats up.

Kindness and Hope


Oh…before I forget…PnP on William Nicol stocks vegan cheese and vegan cream cheese…so for u vegans out there who needs a fix…PnP has it for you…

Monday, June 6, 2011

Back off!!

So I got this comment on my blog which I did not allow because I thought it was way to trashy for these pages.
It’s strange how when people eat meat nobody at the table starts bitching and moaning because of the fact that that person eats meat, yet if you do not eat meat people always have negative comments to make, like –
It’s not healthy being vegan or vegetarian.

They try and con you by saying what about this point of view and so on and so forth…like arguing against your beliefs
Just some F.Y.I – I really don’t care what ignorant comment you are about to make, but either way, keep your uneducated point of view to yourself because no matter what people say, I’m still going to munch my veggies
A lot of the time people comment on the fact that my dog eats meat (another ignorant comment on what my dog does I should to…pish )

Well I did put my doggie on a vegan diet but she didn’t like it, she was a good sport and tried her best but it just wasn’t for her…there are many doggie diets that owners put their pets on but for my Blossom, she wasn’t interested – so I try my best to buy doggie food that isn’t tested on animal – ( no doggies don’t munch some food in the test station and say that they do or do not like the flavour, it’s a hell of a lot worse than that…)

But I do try my best and always give her vegan soy snacks, like a vegan sausage which she loves….
It’s not about what you don’t do but what you do.
If you recycle plastic and paper but not cans and food scraps then are you still a recycler – ofcourse!! Trying a lil is better than not trying at all
Any who guys, I’m off
Kindness and Hope


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One itsy bitsy thing...please.


I don’t know if I have ever told you that I get e-mails constantly from Fur Free South Africa…

Well they have recently come out with a new campaign – “Fur is Red”

It’s pretty gory but at the end of the day people need to face the facts…

You know I always get asked, ( being a vegan animal activist and all ) if I crave meat and cheese etc

You know to be frankly honest – YES ….I bet you didn’t want to hear that from me but it’s true, I do miss prawns with buttered garlic sauce or shrimp cocktail, a nice piece of medium rare meat from Spur or even some KFC chicken pops and boy oh boy I miss cheese so much!! Blue cheese, parmesan, chedder…Lindt chocolate or even as simple as yummy yogurt or a McFlurry from McDonalds.

I do really miss all of these things, but at the end of the day, all I miss is the taste…that’s it, just the taste.

If I had to think about what I am eating and where it came from and also what industry is providing it for me then things get complicated. I can’t think after years and years of not eating these things that I can put anything in my mouth that has a face. Really, I even get sick from watching the circle of life in action on the national geographic channel.

I started off being vegetarian, cause my theory was that I didn’t think that people shouldn’t eat meat I just didn’t believe in people over populating and creating such a huge demand that we have to mass produce animals in order to support our eating habits, plus we were ruining the earth in the process…so I stayed clear of all of it. Years later I found out what happens in the milk and egg industry, so I automatically cut that out….believe me it’s been really hard, but you learn and grow so it’s eventually worth it.

A struggle, yes, a test of my conscience, sure, but direly difficult….NO.

I even cut out all the products I use that are tested on animals, that was tough too, finding a decent razor was a mission…but where there is a will there is a way.

Plus I’ve even been warned by doctors that I need to eat fish…I’ve got bi-polar so they are very pushy on there omega oils and fish oil is the best so they try their best to push for me to eat meet as it will help make me less depressive….don’t get me wrong, I don’t walk around depro, it just helps if I become like that.

But I’ve stood my ground; hopefully it doesn’t bite me in the butt in the long run!

So the reason for this post…

You don’t have to go crazy like me and jump into the deep, you can cut out eating meat on one day…if every person cut out meat for one day of the week there already would be a huge difference! (just like meat free Mondays by Fry’s )

Or even if you change your shampoo to one that is not tested on animals.

All of these things help.

So my question and plead to you is this –

Change one thing in your lifestyle that you do now that will benefit someone other then yourself, someone you have never met, someone who doesn’t have a voice, someone who you can not only change but save a life.

One thing is how I started, and it is that one things that drives me everyday.

One thing.

Kindness and Hope