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It is fulled with information that i have found, that i feel should be heard, hense the reason for me making a blog!

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I have created this blog to tell people about things that i feel should be shared...I'm trying to spread the word!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm back...:)

So firstly let me tell you where I’ve been…

I got blocked, yup…some punk thought it was a good idea to complain about my blog and then blocked it was…

Now I’m back up and running and have a huge confession to make…

I went vegetarian for a few months!!! Yes me….

I feel like a huge hypocrite but I was craving milk products like there was no tomorrow, so I just sucked up my pride and ate it…did I feel bad – YES…100% YES.

Then all of a sudden…I started to have less energy, I started to feel tired and I never slept well, even though I was tired. I picked up soo much weight and I just felt terrible.

I went to an acupuncturist cause I just didn’t feel balanced anymore and you have no clue what he told me…a DR told me to go back to being Vegan cause it healthier for me!!! Can you believe it, out of all people, a person with a doctorate in medicine gave me the – “You should go back to being Vegan speech” … apparently he thinks I might be slightly lactose intolerant…so here I am back in the vegan section of life starting it all up today…

I’ve cleaned out my pantry and fridge of all dairy – ( I wasn’t eating eggs, so there was none of that in my cupboards ) and I’m going grocery shopping today.

You know I kept on saying how important it was to be vegan…my stance on animal activism and being an environmentalist stayed it was just my tummy that screamed for cheese, yogurt, ice cream and cakes…thanks to my tummy, I’m back to being unhealthy and sicky…plus the guilt really gets to you.

Any who…just thought I’d drop a note to say hi and to keep you all posted on whats up.

Kindness and Hope


Oh…before I forget…PnP on William Nicol stocks vegan cheese and vegan cream cheese…so for u vegans out there who needs a fix…PnP has it for you…

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